Bathroom Renovations: Important Factors To Consider

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Compared to all the other rooms in the entire house, the bathroom might be the smallest in terms of size, but perhaps the most complex when it comes to renovating.  Different skilled tradespeople have to be brought in and their work coordinated to realize your desired bathroom renovation outcomes.

Any mistakes or oversights could turn out to be quite costly. Careful planning is very central if you’re to keep the budget under wraps. Before you commence with your Bathroom Renovations project, give some attention to the following areas.


Initial Considerations For Bathroom Renovations

Determine the measurement of current windows, doors and skylights before deciding on your new measurements. These are going to determine your new bathroom floor plan; the size; shape; and positioning of your fittings and fixtures.

If you’re planning to change the layout such as adding skylights, windows or doorways, allow for additional tradespeople, time and costs.

Bathroom Layout Changes

Before you start, pose the following questions to yourself:

  • Is the planned bathroom a self contained one or en suite setup?
  • Will your space be subject to major restructuring?For instance, is the floor or wall being altered? Are you adding or removing some of the internal walls? If you plan on any of these layout changes, be ready to engage more labour, more time, trickier finishes and of course added costs.
  • Do you plan on extra laundry facilities?This could mean more plumbing and power outlets.
  • Have you carried out a careful assessment of the building materials which have been used in your current bathroom? This is because each demands different approaches and solutions (wood, tiles, concrete or plasterboard).
  • Ensure you are aware of what the law requires of you during renovations for safety purposes. For example the Energy Safety and ElectricalLicensing Board publish useful guidelines on a variety of safety issues.

Bathroom Cavity Space

It is important to establish how much cavity space you have which you can work with within the ceiling, wall and the under-floor area. Such cavity spaces could impact on the positioning, type and configuration of your bathrooms electric wires, pipes and fittings.

Moving Your Bathroom Plumbing

bathroom-renovations-bathroom-plumbingMoving or shifting your bathroom basics comes with an extra and sometimes heavy financial cost. For example, to move the plumbing will require hiring qualified plumbing.  That plumber must be well acquainted with the requirements of the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) and other guidelines in the National Construction Code.

The question to ask is, for example, whether you really must or need to have your toilet/wash basin moved or it could be revamped in its present location? Carry out an assessment of whether your current bathroom fitting, fixtures as well as the finishes could be incorporated into your new bathroom design.

Very critical is determining how the forced ‘time out’ during the renovation work is going to impact on your family’s day-to-day activities and expenses.  For example, do you need to hire a portable shower or portaloo, use your local gym facilities or visit your neighbour?

Get Expert Advice

Check and certify that all the renovation professionals or tradespeople you are engaging during your bathroom renovation project are licensed, qualified and fully insured. It is important to be very explicit about your expectations from each of them before you agree and finalize the work contracts.


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